Weekend in Billings 

Friday night, we made the 6 hour drive SW to spend the weekend in Billings, Montana. Outside of Glacier National Park & Mokoshika State Park I hadn’t explored much of Montana before. There’s some pretty great towns spread throughout the state so being just a state over we decided to start what I will call our “Fall-tana” tour. 

We stayed at the Dude Rancher Lodge in downtown Billings. Said to be haunted, we unfortunately didn’t experience any activity but it was pretty cute (& super affordable) none the less! 

Saturday afternoon, after brunch (naturally) we ventured out to Yellowstone Art Museum. For a small museum, it had a pretty great collection of Western inspired art & great Contemporary pieces such as a Warhol & a Mapplethorpe (my favorite)-totally worth the $3 entrance fee.

The sun came out so we decided to trek out to the Pictograph Caves right outside Billings. Billings is pretty sweet because it’s surrounded by Rim rocks that you can drive through to see the view of the town overhead. 

Pictograph State Park is on 23 acres of land & comprised of 3 caves showing Pictographs from up to 2100 years ago! 

The pictographs are paintings of animals, warriors, and even rifles that document the story of the Native Americans of the area for thousands of years.

Here’s a crappy photo of the Pictographs rifles in the largest of the 3 caves.

It was a fun, short hike through the park & really cool to see a part of history from this area. 

Later that evening, we checked out some local craft breweries downtown & in the morning got some seriously good coffee at MoAV coffee house before we headed back to ND. 

Our next stop on our “Fall-tana” tour will be Bozeman & Missoula hopefully within the next month or so! 

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Are you from Tennessee, you smell like pretzels. 

Where does one even begin? I guess from the beginning. Wednesday night, we headed straight to the border from North Dakota where my two Nashville babes drove the 22 hours to pick me up. The first stop I was most excited about because it was completely new territory for me to explore. Banff National Park has been on my wish list for years so when the girls said that’s where they wanted to go too, I knew I was all in!

We had a quick “interview” at customs in Portal, ND, drove until we were tired & stopped in Swift Creek in Saskatchewan for the night. The next morning we drove the last 6 hours into Banff.

The village of Banff is freaking adorable. A little touristy (busy!!) for my taste but lots to do & see. Great bars & restuarants & all that good stuff.

Not a bad place to camp.

Banff is beyond picturesque. My pictures won’t dare do it justice. Like jumping into a painting. The day we arrived it was a little smokey from the wildfires but those just added to the dreamy like effect.

The weather was pretty perfect when we arrived so we decided to seek out Johnson Lake, Lake Minnewanka for that blue water & lastly the hot springs.

After the hot springs we wanted to watch the sunset over the mountains so we stumbled upon these falls on our drive back into the park.

After the falls we (naturally) ventured out on the town for Poutine & drinks. 

On our way out to breakfast we stumbled upon a group of Moose (meeses?). Pretty majestic. We had only a 4 hour drive to Glacier National Park so we loaded up on Ketchup chips (!!!!!!!!!) & Kinder toys & headed back down to the border. 

We arrived at Glacier National Park & set up camp at Johnson’s camp right outside the park in St. Mary’s. We decided to make a pit stop at Kip’s beer garden for a beverage before our evening drive & hike.

This was my second time at Glacier so I knew what to expect but was super excited for the girls to see it & to explore more.

We drove to Logan Pass & hiked on the Highline trial while the sun was setting. 

Lots of dreamy wild flowers along the trail.

In. My. Element.

The next morning we woke up & hiked our way up to St. Mary’s Falls. 

It was a quick hike with a big reward. The water was so blue! It took everything inside of me not to jump in. 

The hike back up was a bit rough but totally worth it with those views!  

The next car ride was through Montana into Wyoming with a brief stop in Billings, Montana where I discovered that I left my wallet at the gift shop in Glacier-total Mary move. 

On the side of the road in Eastern, Wyoming. 

We stopped in Casper, WY for a night, woke up & drove to Denver for one last hurrah before my flight home on Monday. My brother was so generous in letting us crash at his place for the night. So we got semi-gussied up & hit up a few bars & Karaoke-which is my #1 favorite past time. 

So lucky to have these babes & to have friends that mirror your restless need for adventure, living life fully & on your own terms. 

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Denver jaunt 

Spent the weekend visiting my big brother in Denver. We spent the weekend mostly knee deep in Karaoke and margaritas & I got to catch up with an old friend too! Since  I’ll be headed to various mountain ranges in the next week or so, I couldn’t be a brat about wanting to go visit the mountains this weekend. 

My brothers high rise has this super sweet rooftop deck with views of the mountains and plenty of space to hang.

Eleanor Roosevelt actually lived in his building & Lenny Kravitz designed the lobby so there’s that too! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Friday, we headed to Avanti Food & Bar which is a bi-level food truck-y style place with a rooftop bar. I opted for this baked Brie situation & it was to die for.

We did manage to venture out to a Rockies game. We got standing room, rooftop tickets so we can roam around & chat too! 

When in Rome.

On a side note, I’ve been missing shooting with my DSLR big time. Since I don’t have a job that requires a computer anymore I got rid of my old one in hopes of upgrading soon. I haven’t had a place to actually transfer photos-but that will change soon! I plan on taking my camera on my upcoming road trip. 

Denver is a super short, cheap flight away from Bismarck so we should be frequenting  there more often! 

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Summer so far…

Tis been a while since I last updated! We moved into a house a month ago & have been otherwise consumed with it-in the best of ways!

Otherwise, we’ve been summering it up! Seems like there’s something fun happening  every weekend so trying to drink it all up before the cold hits again but let’s not talk about that!  

Spending time with friends, birthdays, being in the water as much as possible, BBQs, local hangs around town & at the zoo. Once we get some more art hung, I’ll post a full house tour too! Enjoy some very random photos from the past month or so. 

Safe to say that the cats are in heaven in our new house! Lots of space to roam, ledges to lounge & animals to “fake” prey on. 

The dwarf goats at the zoo are thee cutest!

Went to my first rodeo & loved everything about it! 

I’m pretty pumped to have the outdoor space to plant but my thumb is the furthest from green so this year I started small with some flowers. 

These views just don’t get old. 

Not the best photo but I’m seriously obsessed with the color we landed on for our bedroom. The blue is so rich & a little moody. 

The next month or so is going to be even more action packed! This weekend we are headed to Denver to check out my big brothers new place. In a couple weeks, I’m hitting the road with my best gals for an epic adventure & we are also starting to plan a housewarming party for the end of summer too! Just some stuff to daydream about when the blizzards are in full force again! 😉

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Last weekend I ventured out to the Pacific NorthWest to hang with my best girl in Portland. We found the dreamiest of air bnb’s in the Nob Hill neighborhood and were blown away with it’s magic. The houses were beautiful and the foliage knocked our socks off. I think our favorite adventure that weekend had to be the Japanese Gardens inside Washington Park. Feel free to scroll below for foliage overload.

Like I said, the gardens were magical. The juxtaposition between all the native trees and greenery coupled with the Japanese houses, plants & flowers made the views spectacular.

We kept saying throughout the trip how unfair it felt how beautiful Portland was. Being from the Midwest, Portland felt like another planet where we weren’t allowed. 

Views of Mt. Hood – not too shabby. 

We spent majority of the time just exploring the surrounding neighborhoods and drinking all the coffee. I brought back some coffee beans to keep me going too!

How dare you be so beautiful, Portland!

I’ll never forget you, perfect lil’ airbnb & magical views. 

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